Taste the legend!

Dear guests!
Khinkal «Legend» is located on the legendary Moscow street — Arbat. We are very sensitive to traditions. All the legends of Georgian cuisine are prepared according to recipes familiar from childhood. But we recognize that other cuisines also have legendary dishes. Our chefs will skillfully prepare you khachapuri and khinkali, as well as lamb shoulder. Meat cooked over fire is another source of pride for us. We believe that there should be plenty of good food. And there is even more good wine. Our wine list includes both Georgian wines and wines from classic wine regions of the old and new worlds.

Instead of a business lunch

Yesterday’s chicken can become today’s Caesar’s chicken with bechamel sauce in a business lunch, but we don’t have a business lunch because we don’t have yesterday’s chicken, so on weekdays there is a 30% discount on the ENTIRE menu from 12-00 to 16-00


In our restaurant we support the tradition of Georgian feasts and will be happy to host a banquet for you. We can organize any event without paying for hall rental. We will adapt to your wishes and prepare any dish to order. When booking a banquet, you can bring your own alcohol.


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