Legendary Khinkali

*Khinkali order from 3 pieces of one type

Frying khinkali for 1 piece +10.-

Khinkali with pork and beef 1 PC 95.-
Khinkali with cheese 1 PC 95.-
Khinkali with lamb 1 PC 95.-
Khinkali with potatoes and mushrooms 1 PC 85.-
Khinkali with mushrooms and onions 1 PC 55.-

BIG Legend

5 pieces of one type

Khinkali with pork and beef5 pieces660.-  
Khinkali with cheese5 pieces640.-  
Khinkali with lamb5 pieces690.-  
Khinkali with potatoes and mushrooms5 pieces630.-  
Khinkali with mushrooms and onions5 pieces630.-  


Cold appetizers

Herring with potatoes300g520.-  
European cheeses (Dor Blue, Parmesan, Camembert and Scamorza200/70g1200.-  
Lobio with nuts200g460.-  
Bouquet of fresh vegetables and herbs400g870.-  
Eggplant rolls160g570.-  
Assorted Caucasian cheeses (Lori, Chanakh, smoked Chechil)240/100g890.-  
Assorted homemade pickles300g630.-  
Pkhali assorted (Eggplant, beets and spinach)150g540.-  
Basturma and Sudzhuk120g790.-  
Chicken satsivi200g610.-  
Boiled tongue with horseradish100/50g690.-  
Lightly salted salmon120/30g860.-  

Hot appetizers

Shakshuka (Three eggs fried in tomato and hot pepper sauce, served with bread)300/120g560.-  
Fried suluguni (With berry sauce)180/50g530.-  
Baked vegetables with cheese250G570.-  
Fried potatoes with mushrooms and onions220g490.-  
Mushroom caps stuffed with cheese220g560.-  
Lamb dolma200/50g650.-  
Pork and beef dolma200/50g590.-  
Lobio (Spicy bean appetizer)350/50g530.-  
Beer snacks480/50g980.-  


Beetroot salad with goat cheese (Lettuce mix, fresh cucumbers, sun-dried tomatoes, carrots, pine nuts)250g840.-  
Burrata with tomatoes260g980.-  
Salad with crispy eggplant230/50g720.-  
Warm salad with fish balls and poached egg (arugula, fresh vegetables, avocado, parmesan cheese, balsamic sauce)300g860.-  
Caesar with chicken250g790.-  
Caesar salad with shrimps250g890.-  
Caesar with salmon250g960.-  
Salad with lightly salted salmon (arugula, artichokes, olives, cherry tomatoes and sun-dried tomatoes)250g960.-  
Georgian salad (Fresh vegetables, herbs, walnuts and red onion)200g680.-  
Salad with shrimp and avocado (Ripe tomatoes, cucumbers, avocado, lettuce mix and mustard-balsamic sauce)250g930.-  


Borscht with beef300/100g530.-  
Sorrel soup (With beef and egg)300/40g530.-  
Chicken noodle soup300g470.-  
Pumpkin cream soup300/50g490.-  
Soup with mini khinkali (Beef broth, pork-beef)350g570.-  
Kharcho with beef300g530.-  
Khashlama soup (Hearty soup with leg of lamb)400g640.-  

Hot dishes

Chashushuli with veal350g790.-  
Chakapuli (Tender lamb, cherry plum, cilantro, tarragon with wine)350g840.-  
Turkey in creamy sauce (Tender turkey with potatoes)350g760.-  
Pork ojakhuri350g710.-  
Lamb ojakhuri350g810.-  
Chicken tabaka1 PC790.-  
Lamb shoulder (Oven braised with herbs and spices)1 PC2150.-  
Chicken in Chkmer style400g880.-  
Chicken cutlets (With mashed potatoes)120/150g680.-  


Khachapuri in Mergel style450g640.-  
Mchadi2 pcs190.-  
Khachapuri in Adjara350g550.-  
Khachapuri with potatoes and cheese400g570.-  
Armenian lavash100g120.-  
Shoti1 PC120.-  
Khachapuri penovani400g570.-  
Khachapuri with spinach400g580.-  
Khachapuri in Imertinian style400g590.-  
Borodino bread110g120.-  
Chvishtari2 pcs280.-  

Dishes on the grill

Chicken wings230/70/50g660.-  
Chicken fillet180/70/50g690.-  
Pork ribs180/70/50g740.-  
Turkey fillet180/70/50g740.-  
Lamb loin200/70/50g1200.-  
Lamb ribs180/70/50g790.-  
Pork pulp180/70/50g760.-  
Lamb pulp180/70/50g890.-  
Assorted Shashlik “Khinkal Legend” (for 4 persons, served on Sodzha: chicken fillet, lamb pulp, pork pulp, lamb loin)740/100/100g3650.-  
Chicken lula kebab180/70/50g680.-  
Lula kebab from veal180/70/50g910.-  
Lamb lula kebab180/70/50g790.-  
Assorted lula kebab in Tblilis style270/70/50g990.-  

Side dishes

French fries150g280.-  
Country style potatoes150g290.-  
Wild rice170g260.-  
Eggplant on coals1 PC290.-  
Potatoes on coals200g330.-  
Mashed potatoes200g250.-  
Vegetables on the grill200g480.-  
Champignons on coals160g390.-  


50 ml 150.-

Tkemali Garlic
Satsiabeli Narsharab
Adjika Sour cream
Matsoni Red devil

Fish on fire

Black Sea red mullet200g870.-  
Seabass (baked or grilled)1 PC 300-350g930.-  
Dorado on the grill1 PC 300-350g1050.-  
Salmon on the grill180/50g1200.-  
Potatoes on coals200g330.-  
Mashed potatoes200g250.-  
Vegetables on the grill200g480.-  
Champignons on coals160g390.-  


Matsoni with honey and walnuts250g370.-  
Apple strudel150/50/30g650.-  
Chocolate fondant90/60g490.-  
Donuts (Custard)2 pcs470.-  
Jam (Fig)100g300.-  
Jam (Walnuts)100g300.-  
Jam (Cherry)100g300.-  
Ice cream assortment50g170.-